I am Dororo the blue owl.

Some are calling me Ambivalence, Duvida, Tereddut, Twyfel, Zweifel... I have many names... all collected from the places I visited. Flying around the world, I came across with a dark secret of the human kind, secret that I`d like to share with the rightful ones. If you solve my riddles quest I will tell it to you.

The riddles are at random difficulty this means that you will not go from easy to hard: you may find first 10 riddles easy, next 5 extremely harder, then next 5 medium difficulty etc. Solutions of the riddles are not similar means that you will have to dig through different domains to find the right answer. You can read more on the game Hints page.

Solving them is simple: read the hints and give the answer. But I warn you: thinking will be harder!

Note: the reason why this game require an accout is only one: for you to be able to continue the game at anytime and from any where, with out re-doing all levels again. You will receive only 2 emails from me: one at registration with your password and second one at the end. I won`t spam your email nor give it to other parties.
Also, please keep in mind that the name you are asked to enter will appear on the diploma.


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