All answers are in english.
(except names ofc)

Replace diacritics in answers.
( -> e, -> u etc)

1. pay attention on the hint
2. pay attention on the riddle (that can be simple text, an image, an animation or a sound)
3. on some levels, the image name might give you a hint as well
4. also remember about the source code (right click on page -> view source)
5. on some levels you will need to know how to: change contrast or gamma to a photo or paste the photo over another one (read below some examples)
6. search the web for clues and who knows, you might learn something new as well (use google, google earth etc)
7. difficulty of the levels is randomly and so their solutions
8. be patient and never look straight

How to fast edit a photo
If you don't have already a photo editor installed you can use IrfanView (windows - it's free)
change gamma to a photo example:
1) Drag and Drop the photo file to the irfanview (or just copy and paste it)
2) Press SHIFT + G (or menu Image -> Color correction
3) Drag gamma correction slider left or right.

How to fast edit a sound file
If you don't have already a sound editor installed you can use AudaCity (windows/mac - it's free)
decrease speed for a sound file:
1) Drag and Drop the sound file to the AudaCity main screen
2) From the menu select: Effect - > Change speed
3) Drag the slider left/right to decrease or increase the speed.
4) Click Preview button to listen the changes.

Usefully URLs
Cipher Tools
stenography or stenography
dna code
google image search - click the camera icon
There are others as well, but you shall find them by yourself.


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